Laura Huxley

“Quite often, children give us little lessons of inestimable value. It’s up to us to listen.” - Laura Huxley, Let's Die Healthy

“Health and disease begin in the womb. Love and hate begin in the womb. War and peace begin in the womb” - Laura Huxley, Children: Our Ultimate Investment booklet

“The predicament of the human situation begins not only in infancy, not only before birth, but also in the physical, psychological and spiritual preparation of the parents, before conception.” -Laura Huxley

“Love before the beginning.” - Laura Huxley

“To use our imagination is part of the total being. To imagine other people's imagination is part of the art of being with others.” -Laura Huxley, You Are Not the Target

“At one time or another the more fortunate among us make three startling discoveries.

Discovery number one: Each one of us has, in varying degree, the power to make himself and others feel better or worse.

Discovery number two: Making others feel better is much more rewarding than making them feel worse.

Discovery number three: Making others feel better generally makes us feel better.

This is true of everyone, even of one who thinks himself as of no importance, no consequence at all. After an attentive, honest examination, this person will realize that every day, often many times a day, he can choose to be a giver of pain or of pleasure. Regardless of individual differences we all have this built-in ability. You will notice how this ability increases by using it. You will realize more and more how important you are as a contributor to the sum total of suffering or happiness.

Another point has been emphasized in this book: that each one of us has a fund of creative potential - either we use it creatively or, it will boomerang destructively upon ourselves and others.” -Laura Huxley, You Are Not the Target


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